Media Gets Serious Case of Butt Hurt Over Rudy Giuliani Speaking Truth

The media butt hurt over Rudy Giuliani reached epic proportions last night. On twitter, it became a “hair on fire” moment as the circle of jerks went blind with rage. The amount of invective hurled at Giuliani for daring to attack their precious could have filled the Grand Canyon. All Rudy Giuliani did was speak the truth. Barack Obama does not love America. Hell, one does not seek to “fundamentally transform” someone one loves. The fact is, Barack Obama’s overarching policy goals make no sense unless you accept that his policies are maliciously designed to take American down a peg or two.


It is all part of the plan, in fact. Barack Obama believes this nation is too proud and needs to be humbled. In his own words, Obama has rejected the idea that the United States is somehow set apart. He says every nation thinks that. But Barack Obama believes that for the world to be safer, the United States must be less safe. For the world to be more stable, the United States must be less safe.

Barack Obama, an ivory tower academic raised by a left-leaning mother and mentored by a communist, has surrounded himself with left-wing political figures whose values are anathema to middle class America. He raised money with the help of a terrorist. He spoke out in favor of infanticide. And even now he cannot bring himself to confront the true extent of the evil that is ISIS.

Barack Obama considers himself above it all, including this country. His policies are intentionally malicious to the strength and security of this nation. Rudy Giuliani is absolutely right. And it speaks volumes about the collective butt hurt of the press that they are outraged by the statements.


Considering how many of their spouses work for Obama and how many of them have floated in and out of the Obama Administration, we should not be surprised at all by their outrage. Their outrage, however, does not make Rudy Giuliani wrong.

The Great Nick Searcy gets the last word.


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