I Thought It Was Christians Forcing Their Beliefs on Others

All the time the left is telling us that only intolerant Christians are imposing their views on others. You might have missed this story. A group of liberals who oppose the death penalty tried to get the American Institute of Architects to censure members who design death chambers for prisons.


The AIA decided that those of its members who oppose the death penalty can refrain from building death chambers. Those who support the death penalty can build the death chambers. It’s a matter of conscience. Needless to say, liberals are outraged.

Of course, in polite and democratic society, matters like this should be matters of conscience. That is not good enough for the left. They want to force their views on everyone. What is not prohibited is made mandatory. That which they wish to prohibit they will stop at nothing to see through to it. On issue after issue the left wants to shut up those it disagrees with, drive them from the public square, then make everybody care the way they do.

This time they’ve been defeated. But defeat has never stopped them from persisting. They are, after all, Levitical in their practices these days. You will be made to care.


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