A Lot of You Would Be Angry Were It the Opposite

Apple has broken off a relationship with a lobbyist in Alabama because the lobbyist opposes gay marriage. The lobbyist, former state representative Jay Love, had been lobbying Alabama on behalf of Apple. But no more.


Full disclosure: I own a lot of Apple stock and do my best to deprive non-Apple technology into my home.

Apple has every right to do business with whom it chooses and to refrain from doing business with whom it chooses. Apple employs evangelical Christians opposed to gay marriage, but need to retain a lobbyist to advocate for its policies before a legislature when the lobbyist does not line up with policies Apple supports.

But the thing is that if it were the opposite and a company tossed someone because of their support of gay rights, the very same people praising Apple would demand lawsuits and boycotts.

In the United States of America, if a gay person wants to deny goods and services to a heterosexual’s wedding, the left and law allow it. But if a Christian wants to do the opposite, increasingly the law prohibits it. The deck gets stack in favor of those bigoted against sincere religious conviction. And unfortunately, the deck gets stacked with the help of a lot of people who should be in fear and trembling over Matthew 7:23, but claim to be of the faith.


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