Something Wicked This Way Comes

History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Supposedly Mark Twain said that. Whoever actually said it would be in iambic pentameter right now.

Yesterday, the Juice Vox Media kids unveiled their propaganda interview with President Obama. Were Vox a Nevada Corporation, it’d have to register as a sex worker considering the rub and tug of the President that the interview amounted to. In it, the President referred to terrorists in France, that would be Islamic terrorists, as “randomly shoot[ing] a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”


There was nothing random about it. The President, who will not attribute violence to Islam, but blames the Crusades on Christians while getting his history backwards (must have been toking up that day in class), refuses to deal with ISIS as a serious threat. They are contained in the Middle East and not an “existential threat,” according to Susan Powers.

In Germany, a court has ruled a synagogue firebombing was an “act of protest.” The men who firebombed the synagogue will spend no time in jail.

These are dangerous times, made more dangerous by the President of the United States abdicating his responsibility as leader of the free world. By the time it is over, fewer will be free, more will dead, and the left will, as they have time and time again, rewrite history to absolve and protect their precious.


When the United States does not lead, but sees itself as one of just many nations not set apart as something special, the world tends to go to hell. But then that’s all part of the plan.


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