Roger Ailes Confronts the Evil While the Also Rans Cower in Fear

It is times like this that I am very proud of Fox News, where I am a political contributor. The national news media, right now collectively apologizing for Brian Williams, is collectively attacking Roger Ailes and Fox News for showing the ISIS video of the gruesome burning of the Jordanian pilot.


It is not a coincidence that the very same networks attacking Roger Ailes and Fox News are the same networks that got their panties in a wad over showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. It’s not that the networks are fearful of providing ISIS a propaganda moment. It’s that they’re chicken and moral cowards.

Fox News, to be sure, initially did not run the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. But it ultimately did. It showed the cartoons on Fox & Friends when the other networks were squealing like a bunch of sissies at the thought of the cartoons airing. Later, on its website and on air, Fox News showed the next cover of Charlie Hebdo.

Evil is real and the other networks would have you believe evil is only a Christian, a Republican, a heterosexual white male, or an NRA member. But those are just people. ISIS is real evil. It is an evil that will confront us even if the American press corps would rather go down in Brian Williams’ helicopter than confront ISIS.


Whether Fox News aired the video or not, ISIS burned alive a Jordanian pilot. We might as well all have the opportunity to see what that evil is like, to know what we are dealing with, and resolve to slay that evil. Roger Ailes and Fox News have done a valuable service to the American people.

I have not watched and do not plan to watch the video. But I know many who did and, by watching, are now more resolved than ever that ISIS must be destroyed. The rest of the media can cower. Thank God that Roger Ailes and Fox are willing to confront evil and show us what it looks like.


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