Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

I live in Macon, Georgia. We have a gang problem in parts of Macon.

But in the early part of the twenty-first century we did not have a gang problem.

At least we did not have a gang problem according to the new Mayor. In an historic election, the first black Mayor of Macon, Georgia declared there were no more gangs in the city. Thinking there were gangs in the city suggested there was a problem with you, not with the city.


Thus things festered. Like the residents of Middle Earth willfully choosing to ignore the evil shadows, the government in Macon, Georgia ignoring the signs of gangs — literal, spray painted signs. Macon did not have a gang problem.

It took a new administration to admit we had a problem and it has systematically struggled to undermine and drive out the gangs. I keep thinking of this when I think of Barack Obama and Islamic terrorism.

According to the President, it is not a problem. It does not exist. If you think it exists, you are a bigot or naive. He has invested great resources in making sure no one in government is willing to confront the evil. So it festers, grows, and strengthens.

Mayor Ellis of Macon seemingly did not want to confront the gangs at first because, it seemed, he thought it was a race issue more than a crime issue. Then it became clear there really was a crime issue and he could not face it lest he admitted failure.

In the same way, I think Barack Obama came into office with a liberal, academic, secular world view. He thought anyone who claimed there was Islamic terror was a Republican, bigot, both, or worse. But now that it is clear there really is a problem, he cannot confront it because to do so would mean he must admit failure.


We know how it ended up in the Lord of the Rings. They waited so long, they were forced to do three movies and fight a bunch of horrible battles. We know how it ended up in Macon. A lot of people were killed and lives ruined because the city could not confront what was plainly obvious. How many people will die because President Obama will not confront what is staring him in the face.

Of course, I should note, that in the Lord of the Rings comparison, Saruman was complicit in letting evil strengthen, thinking he could strike a bargain and thinking he could use the power and shape the fate of Middle Earth in the process.

But to even speak of these things is to be labeled a bigot, a Republican, or worse. The reaction is almost as bad as suggesting gay marriage is wrong.


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