Dear Freshman Republicans

Congratulations on your election. You all come from different backgrounds with different views and even differing ideologies and priorities. But collectively you now are called upon to decide important issues.


For those of you in the House, many of you campaigned saying you would vote against Speaker Boehner. You are now trying to talk your way out of it claiming you tried behind closed doors and failed. I understand your position.

The American public can no more hold you to your promises than those who came before you. Everyone in Washington slowly, over time, begins to rationalize between principle and practicality and everyone in Washington eventually makes a decision based on whether embedding further within the system can somehow generate greater good. It is this reason so many voters are so cynical of Washington. Some of you will quickly become what you campaigned against. It is the natural order of that city.

This is your choice to make.

Allow me generally to make three points. First, in the whirlwind of Washington you will often be pressured to just do something. That something is always constructed in a way to act as opposed to refrain from acting. Sometimes, however, not acting is a more powerful thing to do.


Second, remember that you are accountable to your constituents. You work for them, not the other way around. You are their employee and your job review comes up on a two year schedule in the House and a six year schedule in the Senate.

Third, and above all else, remember that there is a God and one day you will stand before Him. Long after the voters ceased assesses you, you will stand in judgment. This world will pass away, but what you do here will be measured on that last day. Eternal things matter most and selling your soul to Washington at the expense of God or your family will eventually catch up to you.


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