The Most Powerful Conservative in America

I am very flattered by the suggestion, but I am sure there are others more deserving of the title “Most Powerful Conservative in America.” Nonetheless, it is what the Atlantic has dubbed me.


For almost the last year, Molly Ball of the Atlantic has been doing the hard work of putting up with me and exploring my background. She followed me around CPAC and the RedState Gathering, she hung out at my house with my family, and her profile of me is now online.

I consider it very fair and will not quibble with it except this: the wings were boneless and covered in sauce. Of course I ate them with a fork. Honestly, having never, ever been through anything like this before, I was just deeply fascinated by the process. My friend Ben Domenech convinced me I should participate since Molly made it very clear the article was going to get written with or without me.

I do wish there’d been something about my life goal of a cooking show on Fox News. I’m convinced if Huckabee runs for President, I need his time slot to bring people in to cook, drink, and talk.

In any event, if you want to know more about me and why they think I’m the most powerful conservative in America, you can read it here.


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