Sabrina Erdley, Rolling Stone, and the Media Put the Cause Before the Truth

The media completely buys the idea of misogynist culture. The media completely buys the idea that fraternities are filled with silver spooned rapists. The media complete believes there is a “rape culture” in America and by God the media will prove it.


Thus Sabrina Erdley sought out the perfect victim and found that perfect victim at the University of Virginia. According to Erdley, writing in Rolling Stone, “Jackie” was gang raped at a fraternity party.

When anyone dared suggest Erdley’s story seemed too good to be true, Erdley attacked that person as a defender of rapists. Crazy Amanda Marcotte, just the other day, accused people who deny rape culture of denying the holocaust.

But now, well, Erdley’s publication is blaming the rape victim. Turns out Erdley failed at basic journalism such as talking to the alleged rapists. Now it turns out there was not even a fraternity party the night Erdley’s “Jackie” alleges.

What has happened will temporarily set back Sabrina Erdley’s and Rolling Stone’s reputations, but only temporarily. They will not be driving from credibility the way a conservative would because they recognize the cause is more important that truth and facts.

These stories are going to keep happening. They will have fall out. Other victims of rape may now be more hesitant to come forward. It may now be harder to get people to believe real stories.


But the cause remains greater than the truth for these “journalists”. Journalists used to believe truth was power, but now stories are. As the left becomes more and more levitical in their world view, showing no mercy and no grace, they have to develop a canon of scripture and stories to tell their tales and lay out the parameters of their faith.

That mythology comes with their own version of Aesop’s fables — stories to relate their morals. It does not matter that the rape at the University of Virginia was not real. Because “rape culture” is real and fraternity boys are silver spooned satans, the story has power. The left must continue building the canon of their religion, of which Rolling Stone’s bunk articles play a necessary role. It’ll get shuttled off now to the non-canonical works. But Lena Dunham can fill the void.



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