Because Justice Runs to Individuals, Kennesaw, Georgia Got It Wrong

The City of Kennesaw, Georgia has denied a gathering of muslims the right to build a mosque in a strip mall. The city claims it does not allow houses of worship in strip malls, but recently unanimously granted a Pentecostal group the right to do just that.


Then the City of Kennesaw demanded that, should they grant the muslims the request, that the muslims must not park in front of their mosque, leaving room for future tenants and their businesses. The city, in effect, demanded to impose contract provisions and interfere in the private contracting between a landlord and tenant.

The deck was clearly stacked against the mosque and, it should be noted, the public vote was filled with individuals carrying protest signs about Islam and Christians carrying Israeli flags.

The City of Kennesaw and these individuals are wrong and, should the city not reverse itself, it should be bled dry and led to bankruptcy in a court of law.

Justice runs to individuals, not to groups. This is the great debate of our age. Can society extract revenge on groups because of the sins of some or must justice be in relation to the state and individuals exclusively? The left says that justice can be social. Groups can be preferred and punished. Causes can be carried in the name of justice for the collective mass of the oppressed.

Conservatives, on the other hand, say no. Justice is between the state and the individual. The state cannot carry a cause in the name of justice or punish a group in the name of justice. It must be an individual transaction based on the crimes and sins of the individual.

Christians in Kennesaw are trying to have it both ways. They tend to be overwhelmingly conservative. They oppose liberal euphemisms like social justice. But many of them want this group of muslims shut down because of the corporate sin of Islam itself. Justice cannot work that way and does not work that way.


Moreso, these Christians are making the United States their idol. They posit we are a Christian nation as if God Almighty has a plan for this nation. God may have a plan for the people of this nation, but this nation may pass by and the Kingdom of God will remain.

Until that time, we must extend the First Amendment to everyone, whether we agree with their religion or not. We cannot make decisions related to individuals based on fear of a group. We cannot deny muslims a place to worship without opening ourselves to denial.

Currently, Christians are being driven from the town square by the gay mafia intent on silencing their opposition to the culture drift of this country. Christians should not reciprocate by trying to drive from the town square other religions. Christ said to go forth and teach and preach and baptist and love. He did not say to shut down, shut up, and censor.

But that’s what the City of Kennesaw is doing and doing because of fear.

The city needs to reverse course immediately, do a motion to reconsider, and approve this mosque.


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