Don't Make the Good the Enemy of the Perfect

Yesterday I closed out Heritage Action for America’s Sentinel Summit. It was a great event.

My topic was “Don’t Make the Good the Enemy of the Perfect.”


In politics, we often hear people say the opposite. Particularly Republican pundits and politicians who get tired of conservative agitation say we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

But when they say this, what they’re really talking about is that we should settle for scraps off the table instead of fighting for more. They want to settle for bare minimum good instead of trying for better or best.

And whenever Republicans in Congress settle for the bare minimum level of good, they are settling for bigger government.

My speech at Heritage wasn’t recorded, but I used the same theme and points to start my radio show yesterday. You can listen to it here.

The basic point above all else is this — politicians treat the world in two year cycles. Conservative activists need an eternal view. The fight never stops, not even on election day. The advantage of the agenda must override cults of personality, favorite politicians, etc. Once a politician thinks he has you is the moment you no longer have him.

Hear it all below or via iTunes or Stitcher.


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