Congratulations GOVERNOR Rick Scott on Defeating Charlie Crist

It’s been just short of week since Rick Scott destroyed the political career of Charlie Crist and I still get a smile thinking about it.

Four years ago, I was one of very, very few conservatives who dared even be nice to Rick Scott. His primary opponent had been a congressman and an impeachment manager in the Clinton impeachment. Virtually all of the major conservative establishment figured back the guy, but he was running a dreadful campaign.


It was actually Rick Scott’s gubernatorial primary four years ago that solidified in my mind that we, as conservatives, should never let any candidate rest on former glory. Seeing conservatives behave as they did at the time horrified me. The conservative movement and the Republican Party are not and should not be the same thing. Scott’s opponent was a fine guy personally, but the reactions from some conservatives after merely suggesting Scott was a good guy, was ridiculous.

Scott was and is a profoundly decent person. I got to know him before he ran for Governor and much of the caricature against him back then, as now, is false.

Regardless, however, what is important now is that Rick Scott has beaten Charlie Crist. When I came out for Rubio in 2009, while he was at 4% in the polls no less, so many people stood with Crist. But he was terrible. And he has only gotten worse.


No one has ever found themselves on the wrong side of history by opposing Charlie Crist.

So whether you are a Rick Scott fan or not, you should congratulate him. He did America a great favor and crushed the vanity of the oscillating fan’s biggest … well … fan.


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