"Abortion Barbie" Wendy Davis is a Truly Horrible Person. But We Already Knew That.

Wendy Davis rose to fame championing the ability to rip children’s skulls open, vacuum out their brains, then rip them apart. But she did it in pink sneakers, so the media loves her. That is the only reason Wendy Davis is the Texas Democrats’ nominee. She got a Vogue profile referencing her “Barbie like good looks,” a Maria Shriver hagiography for NBC, and a lot of liberal dollars from around the country for her one public position. That is why I termed her “Abortion Barbie.”


She promptly tried to run away from abortion as her defining issue. But she owns it. It is her singular claim to fame.

Any person who would make that their claim to fame is a truly horrible person. And everything Wendy Davis has done since has proven that.

It appears she has used her influence as a state legislator to help her business.

She left her husband with kids to go to law school, then left him after he’d gone into debt to pay for her schooling.

She fabricated parts of her background to make them even more sympathetic.

Her campaign, on more than one occasion ridiculed her Republican opponent for being in a wheelchair.

Two weeks ago, she released a campaign ad mocking her opponent for being in a wheelchair.

And now there’s this.


Greg Abbott’s wife is Hispanic.

It’s also par for the course that the idiots who run her campaign are trying to whip minority voters into a frenzy after they read about Democrats needing black voters to turn out. That was just in the New York Times.

Wendy Davis has run a gutter campaign and on Election Day the voters will abort her political career.


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