The President Who Cried Wolf

ISIS was just a group of amateurs. They were the junior varsity team. Now they are overrunning Iraq. But the President told us that.

We could keep our doctor if we wanted to. The President told us that.


Insurance rates would not go up and no one would lose their insurance. The President told us that too.

He also said the Syrian rebels were too rag-tag and unprofessional to fight ISIS, then armed them to fight ISIS.

The President told us Ebola would not show up here, then that there would not be an outbreak here, and now that there will not be a serious outbreak here.

His political appointees spent Monday trying to blame Republicans for not giving them enough money. That blew up in their faces on Tuesday, at which point they told us all not to panic — and damn you for even thinking of politicizing any of this. Then they seemed to panic when they discovered the second nurse with Ebola had gotten on a commercial flight with fever.

We now know people at the CDC told the nurse she could get on the plane even though they knew she had a mild fever.

But they still don’t want to stop flights from West Africa.

The President seems to only respond to news cycles. He would not cancel a fundraiser due to Benghazi, but with panic setting in over Ebola and his prior statements coming back to haunt him he was willing to cancel a fundraiser yesterday and stay in Washington today.


And what will he do? Not stop travel from Africa.

President Obama’s promises have all come with expiration dates. Now most Americans realize his statements of fact usually turn out to be wrong. He has managed to destroy Americans’ faith in big government. Maybe we will all live to 2016 in order to shrink it.

Americans, thanks to Barack Obama’s failures, are having to learn against that they must rely on themselves and their families for long term. Uncle Sam will just let them down.


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