Obama Has An Ebola Czar. She Re-Directed Federal Research Money to a Democrat Donor


You may be wondering why Barack Obama, with his propensity to name “czars” for every problem that ails us, has not named an Ebola Czar.

The reason is because he has, in fact, named an Ebola Czar. So why are we constantly seeing Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC embarrass himself in press conferences instead of our Ebola Czar? Mollie Hemingway has the details. It turns out Dr. Nicole Lurie, the czar in charge of potential infectious disease catastrophes, has made the most of her time by funneling federal dollars to Democratic donors.


That would be the federal dollars the left says we need more of.

Even a position as suddenly critical as this has been politicized in the Obama Administration.

Seems this is another issue ripe for the campaign trail. Obama’s appointees cannot help themselves but to play politics in their positions.


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