The Beauty of the White House Prostitution Scandal


There are so many hilarious factoids in the Washington Post report about Jonathan Dach, the White House, and the prostitution.

There’s the bit about Dach using his Hilton Honors membership status to avoid paying an overnight fee for his guest.


Then there’s Dach’s business card. Of course he works on “women’s rights.”

But the funniest and most beautiful part of it all is that the twenty and thirty-something White House aides and former aides in full defense are running with “Why would anybody cover this up?”

Well, the Washington Post is reporting that not only was there a cover up, but people who raised questions were put on administrative leave. That forces the press in Washington, already teetering on the verge of jumping straight to Hillary, to pull out their Watergate Encyclopedia and begin pompously lecturing everyone on how it’s never the crime but the coverup.

The press in Washington cannot help themselves. Many of them became journalists because they were inspired by Woodward and Bernstein. They are pre-programmed to go into “Dean of the Press Corps” mode the moment something like this happens. They may have a built in lag time on doing it for a Democrat, but the pompous preaching on Watergate comes with the package of the forty, fifty, and sixty-something prognosticators in the media caucus of the Circle of Jerks.


Stories like this compel them to lecture on it, dig further, and make Watergate analogies.

Combine that with the dam bursting and more stories leaking out and this is going to be a fun two years. The Democrats need Barack Obama to be a personal failure so Bill and Hillary can say, “It was him, not the policies.” Democrats and the disgruntled realizing Obama’s star is starting to fade have every reason to kick it into high gear now.

They have willing and complacent lap-dogs in the media ready and willing to serve.


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