The Leaking Against Obama Picks Up Steam


(Graphic credit to Sean Davis)

Earlier today, I told you the Democrats needed to throw Barack Obama under the bus to help Hillary 2016. Later in the day came the counter-offensive from one of the Obama Administration Inspectors General. The IG released a report that Hillary Clinton badly mismanaged the State Department.


Remember, starting in 2009, the Obama Administration systematically began replacing indecent independent (I blame my spell checker, which has gotten very aggressive under OS X Yosemite) inspectors general with partisan appointees. It appears the administration is now using them.

But now a new shot is being fired toward the Administration. This time from the Secret Service. Maybe some disgruntled and recently dismissed person or persons is beginning to leak. In any event, turns out the South American prostitution scandal ran toward the Presidential advance team. There are accusations that a 25 year old member of the President’s advance team named Jonathan Dach may have spent the night with a prostitute. Dach is denying it, but the Washington Post is reporting a lot of details relating to the accusation and that staff members who raised questions were put on administrative leave. Oh, they also note Dach used his status as a Hilton Honors members to get a fee for overnight hookers waived by the hotel in Cartagena. I am not kidding.

Within the inspector general’s office, investigators and their bosses fought heatedly with each other over whether to pursue White House team members’ possible involvement. Office staffers who raised questions about a White House role said they were put on administrative leave as a punishment for doing so. Later, Edwards, the acting inspector general, resigned amid allegations of misconduct stemming in part from the dispute. . . .

Nieland’s team also found that hotel officials had waived a fee normally charged to guests staying overnight. Hilton Worldwide officials in Virginia said their records showed Dach “was not charged for additional guest as a benefit of Hilton Honor Member.”


As Mark Hemingway noted,

Good point.

When will Washington politicos learn it’s never the crime that gets them in trouble, but the cover up.


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