National Republican Senatorial Committee Accuses Family Research Council of Putting Money Ahead of Values

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Floyd Corkins walked into the Family Research Council’s (“FRC”) offices with a loaded gun and fifteen Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. Corkins intended to commit mass murder and smear the faces of his victims with the sandwiches. FRC had been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of FRC’s opposition to the gay rights agenda. Corkins intended to murder those people because of it.


They did not change their position in the face of Corkins’ bullets.

Now they are getting attacked from the other side. Brad Dayspring, Communications Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has taken to Twitter to accuse the Family Research Council of putting money ahead of its values.

This weekend the Family Research Council led Values Voters Summit is in D.C. I spoke there yesterday. Jeb Bush was not invited. I asked Tony Perkins, the President of the FRC, why. According to Perkins, this is not a Presidential year and the guests were chosen based on interest from the crowd during this midterm season. Like me, Tony Perkins does like Jeb Bush though, Tony admitted, Jeb’s position on Common Core might make him uncomfortable among the attendees this year.

Jonathan Martin of the New York Times noted that Bush had not been invited to the Values Voters Summit. Dayspring’s reply?


“it’s evidence that some groups snub candidates that agree with them ideologically simply to raise money & keep lights on”

There you have it folks. The Communications Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee is accusing the group whose employees were nearly slaughtered because of their values of selling out their values for money.


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