Democrats Say What's Good for the Nation is Terrible for Georgia

When the unemployment rate has gone up nationally, Democrats have relied on one major explanation. So many people dropped out of the workforce that, once the job market started growing, the people who came back in to search for jobs were reclassified as unemployed.


We have, in fact, seen this pattern nationwide. People drop out of the workforce and are no longer considered unemployed. It is silly, but that is the reality. Then, when they decide to start looking for work again they are again classified as unemployed.

This past week in Georgia the Democrats pounced on new data that Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. The Democrat were, frankly, giddy at the news. They’ve been talking down every bit of good news. The Democrats even attacked a CNBC study that ranked Georgia as one of the top states in which to do business. The Democrats actually attacked CNBC for putting the study together instead of cheering that Georgia was a great place to do business.

Well, when the news came out last week about the unemployment rate, the Democrats made sure everybody saw it. Reporters across Georgia raced to blame Governor Nathan Deal. What they have failed to highly was the reason for the unemployment increase. Georgia is now ranked sixth nationally in job growth and third in the south.


More and more people who have been sitting out Barack Obama’s economy are now starting to look for work again. That influx into the job market spiked the unemployment rate. But the Democrats cannot celebrate that. It would hurt their chances of victory.

But here’s the thing. Jason Carter, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia, has no economic plan for job creation except spending government money. And he already wants to spend a billion extra dollars on education. The only place he could get all the money he wants to spend is through tax increases, which would kill the very job growth Governor Nathan Deal is now overseeing.



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