This Time It Is Not Sarah Palin Targeting People for Assassination

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A seriously disturbed young man attempted to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. We know the young man was, in his politics, maybe slightly left of center, but largely a-political. He was just disturbed. Nonetheless, because Sarah Palin had produced a political map that had a “cross-hairs” like symbol (it actually was a surveyor symbol) over Rep. Giffords’ district, the media blamed her for the attack.


I remember being on John King USA and Democrats were just hysterical about it. John King began a discussion about heated political rhetoric and the use of battleground euphemisms. It did not last. For all the talk the media gave to concern over political groups and their incitement, by the time Floyd Corkins, inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups, went into the Family Research Council’s offices in an attempt to kill everyone, the media had moved on.

The media made passing mention of Corkins’ intent. In fact, the CNN story patently refused to note Corkins drew his inspiration for the attack from the Southern Poverty Law Center. To this day, CNN and other media outlets refer to the SPLC as objective commentators. But the SPLC inspired a man to attempt to murder conservatives. Its friends in the media give the SPLC a pass in the same way the media refused to give Sarah Palin a pass even as it became clearer and clearer that Giffords’ shooter was a-political and mentally disturbed.

No doubt when other deranged gay rights activists start murdering conservatives, the media will also give the Human Rights Campaign a pass. The Human Rights Campaign has just published a “report” naming specific conservative, mostly Christians, as “exporters of hate.” They too have a target map with black X’s in their report. Each person has a penciled “mug shot” and, at first glance, what appears to be a bounty on their head. The report also tells the unhinged where these people live.


The media will not be outraged by this because the media peddles the gay agenda as aggressively as gay rights activists. They are the same. Should any nut job Corkins wannabe gun down one of the people on this list, the media will, like with the Southern Poverty Law Center, never mention their inspiration.

What is so awesome, however, is that the men and women on this list are damn effective and that is why they are being targeted for harassment and, in the hands of a lunatic gay rights activist, for murder. In fact, if you are a conservative activist, the Human Rights Campaign’s report gives you a list of organizations to fund. The people on the list should not just be in our prayers, but their organizations should be on our donations lists.


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