The National Republican Senatorial Committee Loves the Senate Conservatives Fund (Or At Least Its Money)

Remember how the National Republican Senatorial Committee wanted everyone to know just how terrible the Senate Conservatives Fund is?

Remember how NRSC consultants took to op-ed pages, pushed reporters, and tweeted about the lavish and extravagant expenses of SCF?


Remember how when a candidate got endorsed by SCF, everyone knew immediately NRSC would support the opposite candidate out of spite? (See e.g. Ben Sasse v. Shane Osborn)

Remember how the NRSC, Chamber of Commerce, and other establishment groups poured tons of money into primaries to stop SCF gains and those of other outside groups?

Well, NRSC spent so much money trying to ensure its incumbents were protected that it now has no money to pick up new seats. Brilliant strategy there Jerry Moran and Josh Holmes. Just brilliant.

So what is the NRSC doing now? Begging the Senate Conservatives Fund to spend money. The NRSC is worried about Iowa. Joni Ernst, backed the Senate Conservatives Fund, won. The race is not going as swimmingly as the NRSC wants. Ernst, by the way, is an excellent pick, but the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to hold on.


So now there is this.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has spent or reserved $3.4 million in Iowa airtime. But there is particular frustration across the GOP establishment with the outside group Senate Conservatives Fund, which backed Ernst in the GOP primary but has yet to reserve any airtime to help out in the fall.

But . . . but . . . but . . . Josh Holmes, Jerrr Moran, Brad Dayspring, and all their friends said the Senate Conservatives Fund was a bad, terrible, awful group and anyone who gets their support should be defeated.

My, my.


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