Democrats in Michigan and Georgia Engage in Elaborate Scheme to Steal the Election

The House Minority Leader in the Georgia State House, Stacy Abrams, leads an organization now being investigated for fraudulent voter registration applications. WSB television in Atlanta broke the story last night. The group, New Georgia Project, is a subsidiary of Third Sector Development run by Stacy Abrams. Abrams also has direct ties to the Democrats’ Senate candidate, Michelle Nunn, and their gubernatorial candidate, Jason Carter.


According to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, “Preliminary investigation has revealed significant illegal activities’ including forged voter registration applications, forged signatures on releases, and applications with false or inaccurate information.”

The Secretary of State’s office had been contacted by counties around the state with irregularities stemming from the New Georgia Project. I am told through a separate source that employees at the organization were told they’d be fired if they did not meet certain quotas. Consequently, they had every incentive to make stuff up.

But it is not just Georgia.

In Michigan, it appears the state’s Democratic Party may be involved in a similar scheme. “The Michigan elections bureau has issued a warning about problems with a new Democratic Party program that lets voters apply online for absentee ballots, saying clerks are getting applications for voters who live outside the jurisdiction and signatures that do not match voter records.”

Signatures, by law, have to match the applications and the voter registration cards. Those signatures must be verified. But the Democrats are employing a touch screen system that makes this virtually impossible. Likewise, a bunch of people seem to be registered who do not live in the right places — or live at all.


I suspect this is a more widespread problem nationwide. It is just a reminder that if you care about voter fraud you need to vote for a Republican for Secretary of State. The Democrats give lip service to it, but are now in two states actively working to undermine voter integrity.

Oh and yes, the Democrats are playing the race card in response.


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