The Democrats' Problem

Members of the Democratic Party are soiling themselves over Barack Obama’s plans for unilateral, executive ordered immigration reform. They should be. Barack Obama has shown time and time again he does not care about them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Democrats were openly complaining in the New York Times that Barack Obama never helped them, listened to them, or hung out with them. He does not care about them.

He has two years left, the world has gone to hell, and he wants a legacy. He knows the left loves them some amnesty, so that is what he will do.

This goes into the greater box of Democratic Party problems. The coalition of people who helped Barack Obama get elected in 2008 and 2012 is not the Democrats’ coalition. They think it is. They want it to be so. But it was and is Barack Obama’s coalition.

These people do not turn out for other Democrats in off year elections. And in on-year elections, they turn out committed to Barack Obama. By the time 2016 gets here, Obama is going to be a social pariah among Democrats. He will be radioactive. They will want nothing to do with him. And he is completely all about himself.

In 2016, what had been a solid, unified Democratic Party is going to be in a free for all as a geriatric Clinton competes against a younger Cuomo and more for the right to lead the party. And none of the dynasty candidates of the left, like the dynasty candidates of the right, are all hope and changey like Barack Obama.

There’ll be no white columns. There’ll be no speeches in Berlin. There’ll be a free for all fight over the scraps of Barack Obama’s coalition. This is also why there is no such thing as a permanent political majority.