Lawfare: When Screaming Racism, 'War on Women,' and Impeachment Are Not Enough

Democrats knew going into 2014 they’d have bleak chances nationwide. They started screaming racism, trying to whip black and hispanic voters into a frenzy against Republicans. If Republicans dared look angrily at Eric Holder, why that was racism. Even now, Democrats intend to turn the tragedy of Ferguson, MO into a political campaign, thereby undoing a lot of bridge building between the left and right.

Using racism to motivate black and hispanic voters to vote is one thing, but single white women need their own motivation. Hence we have the ongoing ‘war on women’ where Democrats claim politicians like Marsha Blackburn, Nikki Haley, Deb Fisher and others have bowed to the oppressive misogyny of their male Republican masters. And please pass out taxpayer funded birth control under the guise of “free.”

To get the rest of the Democrats motivated, the White House staff and its allies claim the GOP wants to impeach the President and subject the entire nation to a President Biden. We all know Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to prevent that from ever happening and no Republican is going to subject America to a Clown Car Biden presidency of follies.

With claims of racism, wars on women, and impeachment failing them, the Democrats are resorting to one final tactic — lawfare. A party that has had great success amending the U.S. constitution via black robes, intends to skirt the democratic processes and win election via black robes too.

In New Mexico, Democrats drummed up investigations in Gov. Susana Martinez. Mind you, there was no finding of wrong, but they are doing their best to keep up a whisper campaign.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie has had to deal with the “bridge gate” investigation drummed up by aggrieved Democrats.

In Georgia, Nathan Deal, up for re-election this year, continues to see Democrats demand a federal and state investigation into his relationship with the State Ethics Commission. The commission dismissed a host of complaints against Deal over his 2010 election, but issued a fine for several matters. All the members of the State Ethics Commission were appointed by Deal’s predecessor, but the Democrats claim Deal stacked the deck in his favor. So they want to litigate.

In Wisconsin, a federal judge shut down an investigation into Gov. Scott Walker and the Democratic District Attorney leaked records that made it appear Walker was guilty of something despite no evidence to convince a judge.

In 2012, during the course of state legislative races, rumors swirled to the press that Gov. Nikki Haley in South Carolina would be subject to an IRS case of tax fraud. It was not true.

Now, in Texas, Governor Rick Perry is being indicted for doing his job. The Governor is, in effect, being prosecuted for not spending taxpayer dollars on a malicious drunk.

Again and again and again Democrats are resorting to investigation, litigation, and indictment to win. They cannot convince the country that the GOP is going to send women back to the kitchen. They cannot convince black and hispanic voters that the GOP will put them in chains. They cannot convince voters the GOP will impeach Obama. About the only group convinced of any of these things is MSNBC.

So they must go to court. With most judges still better respected than the average politician and the jury system still considered legitimate by the public, Democrats must use the credibility of both to destroy the credibility of Republican politicians. In addition to setting dangerous precedents, the Democrats also risk destroying the credibility of the judiciary and jury system. But they will stop at nothing to hold on to power.

The history of progressivism in a nutshell is that the ends justify the means, even if the means are undermining the credibility of the very foundational institutions of our republic. Progressives don’t care, because all that will remain if they get their way is the police state they built and the crony capitalists who fund it.