Boehner Has Time to Salvage a Ridiculous Farce Descended to Stupidity

House Republican leaders had a closed door meeting with their conference late yesterday where they blasted Senator Ted Cruz for obstructing their plans to hand more than $600 million of your tax dollars to the man they’re also suing for not doing his job, Barack Obama. As an aside, Senator Jeff Sessions deserves a great deal of praise, along with Senator Cruz, for his actions related to fixing this mess.


What House Republican leaders refused to do is stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (‘DACA’) executive action that President Obama took in 2012. In fact, they wanted to first fund the man they’re suing, then give House conservatives a vote Harry Reid could quickly dispatch.

But then that was the face all along. No matter what House Republicans did, Harry Reid was going to toss it. So instead of doing the right and publicly popular thing by shutting down DACA, the House GOP was going to give Barack Obama a pile of cash with no obligation or steps to secure the border. Then they’d watch Harry Reid stop that action too.

How stupid can these people be? If the President’s polling is at 65% unfavorable on the border situation and the Democrats have no intention of doing anything about, it should be an easy vote for the House GOP to show they’re the ones who took the steps to stop the mass migration across the border.

Instead, on Eric Cantor’s last day as leader, the whole of the leadership bollixed it up and embarrassed themselves. Harry Reid then concluded the business of the Senate.


The House has stayed and has one more opportunity to get this right. Conservatives concerned about the spending were willing to set those concerns aside if the House leaders would shut down DACA. Today, the House can get it right, shut down DACA, show they are serious, and let the public turn toward the Senate where the “closed” sign is lit up.

But let’s not forget the punchline to this. House Republican Leaders want to give more than $600 million to the same man they just voted for sue for the way he’s doing and not doing his job.


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