Barack Obama's Border Funding Plan is a Bad Idea

Barack Obama has flown to Texas to fundraise. He won’t actually go visit the border. But he did come up with a $3.7 billion plan to deal with what’s happening. Senator Tom Coburn is voicing his opposition. The GOP would be wise to listen to Senator Coburn. As he noted last night on Crossfire, “That’s $60,000 per child we will spend, in emergency money.” He also noted that if we bought all the kids first class tickets back home it’d only be $8 million.


Instead, Coburn said Congress could in two weeks repeal the law that allows juveniles from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to stay and apply for asylum instead of facing immediate deportation like Mexican citizens do.

To stem the tide of minors crossing the border, Coburn suggested, “the best signal to slow this down is send them home.”

Coburn blamed the whole situation on a laxity of immigration enforcement by the Obama administration.

Yes. Also, while the left is desperate to spin just how much of a deporter President Obama is, it is simply not true. The President is, as Senator Coburn says, lax on immigration enforcement.


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