Cochran Campaign Busted! Charles Johnson Scores Direct Hit

There are a lot of naysayers toward Charles Johnson and his reporting on Mississippi, despite the high accuracy of his content. Well, he has a scalp to add to his accuracy score. The Cochran campaign is admitting it “screwed up” its accounting.


The site Monday night reported that the Cochran campaign reimbursed staffer Amanda Shook for large sums of cash listed as “Reimbursed Expense – Campaign Walkers.” FEC regulations allow reimbursement to staff only for travel and food expenses, and any other outlay of money by a staffer would be considered a contribution, and subject to a $2,600 limit.

A spokesman for six-term incumbent Cochran called the filing “a screw up,” and the campaign has denied vote buying and other allegations.

As the McDaniel campaign is noting, the allegations of criminal misconduct continue to rise against the Cochran campaign.

Last night on Mark Levin’s radio show, Senator Ted Cruz called for a full investigation into the Mississippi runoff. This story is not going away.


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