The National Republican Senatorial Committee's Incumbent Protection Plan Pours Money in Mississippi

The NRSC is pouring more money into Mississippi’s Republican Runoff to defeat Republican Chris McDaniel. It looks like they just dropped $175,000.00 on phone calls.


Just remember all you people annoyed with robocalls that it is the NRSC doing it. Wonder how much the consultants are going to make on this.

No one has a real idea of what is going to happen tomorrow between Cochran and McDaniel, though it is never good that an incumbent with Cochran’s tenure is forced into a runoff. What is clear though is that the NRSC has a lot of races on its hands to take back the Senate this year. And they just deprived a Tom Cotton or a [insert candidate here] of money needed to win the Senate so they could save an incumbent.

Mississippi has not elected a Democrat in a statewide federal election in quite some time. The odds are it will not happen this time, even if Chris McDaniel is the nominee. So this really is more about saving incumbents than winning the Senate. They’ll win Mississippi anyway. They just want to win it with Cochran.

I wonder which Republican will lose in November because the NRSC did not have the funds to get him over the finish line.


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