Doddering Old Man Thad Cochran Uses Angry Words Against Chris McDaniel


Someone must have slipped Thad Cochran some geritol and metamucil. He’s decided to throw some rhetorical punches at state senator Chris McDaniel.

Cochran calls McDaniel an “extremist” and “dangerous.” Mind you, Cochran has previously admitted he only knows about the tea party from what he reads in the paper. Perhaps Cochran is only reading the Democrat run Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi. Actually, considering he does not even live in Mississippi, it’d have to be the Washington Post.


What is most striking, however, is that the tea party wants someone who will go to Washington, stand up for conservatives, and join Ted Cruz in the fight against Barack Obama. Thad Cochran has not done that. Instead, here, he is using harsher words for his conservative opponent than Barack Obama.

If Cochran had ever shown as much vigor against this administration, he wouldn’t be about to get his butt kicked by the conservatives in Mississippi. At least he will soon have more time to read the paper and figure out what is going on. Just like Barack Obama.


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