Thad Cochran Hosts Fundraisers for Liberal Democrats

The Washington Examiner reports that Thad Cochran hosts fundraisers for Democrats in his home.

Well . . . they report it slightly differently. The Washington Examiner reports that Cochran’s executive assistant, Kay Webber, hosts fundraisers in her home and Thad Cochran rents a basement apartment there.


But there is no basement apartment in Kay Webber’s home available for rent. That’s according to the District of Columbia database where these things can be tracked.

If Thad Cochran is renting from Kay Webber, as opposed to living in her house, then he and she have a bit of a problem with the District of Columbia.

Otherwise, they have this other problem. Thad Cochran is living in a house where Democrats are holding fundraisers held by Cochran’s own executive assistant.

By the way, how does the Executive Assistant to a United States Senator afford a multimillion dollar home on a congressional staffer’s salary? I assume not this way.



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