Losing Oregon: Does the NRSC Vet Its Candidates?

I think the NRSC would much prefer beating up conservatives in 2014 than win the Senate. The NRSC has spent so much time and money attacking conservatives and running smear and whisper campaigns about them, we now have another candidate they did not vet.


We have lost Oregon with Monica Wehby. She seemed to be a good candidate with a great ad that neutralized her pro-choice positions. She was impressive. In fact, with a mail in election, Monica Wehby is going to be the GOP’s nominee in Oregon.

But there is this 911 call from her husband back in 2007. Oh, he is ready for bygones and forgiveness and moving on, but it is here.

Wait . . . wait . . . wait, you say. That was 2007. This is old. She can be given a pass. There was a lot of melodrama there.

Except there is another 911 call. This one is from last year.

Monica Wehby’s boyfriend called 911 claiming she was stalking him. Sure, he regrets calling 911 now. I can see that ad. “I never should have called 911 to say Monica Wehby was stalking me.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats can just run that 911 tape over and over.

“I had a relationship with her and the relationship has ended, and she is very, very upset and angry,” Miller told the dispatcher. “She’s been coming to my workplace. She’s been phoning inappropriately to my employees.”


Oh yes, he mentions her name too.

The Democrats have to defend every seat they can and they absolutely will be able to defend Oregon now. The ads write themselves.

The NRSC has been so busy coordinate hits against conservatives, they just did not have time to vet their candidates. And now the GOP will lose Oregon. But, frankly, that might be just as well. Otherwise, they might try to turn it into the 2014 version of California in 2010 wherein they dumped a bunch of resources at the expense of others just to see Carly Fiorina go down in flames.

Guess they better get that NRSC co-chair spot warmed up for Wehby.


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