It Is Time for Ted Cruz to Leave the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Ted Cruz is the Vice Chairman for Grassroots Outreach of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (“NRSC”). It is through that appointment that the NRSC hoped to patch up its differences with conservatives.


Instead, it is more and more clear the NRSC is both at war with those groups who support Ted Cruz and at war with those candidates most likely to assist Ted Cruz in the Senate.

From the relationship, the NRSC gets the veneer of working with conservatives and Ted Cruz gets beaten up at every opportunity by the NRSC and its staff and outside consultants.

Here for example, is an NRSC paid consultant subtly attacking Cruz. There have been plenty out in the open in the past. Likewise, the NRSC worked against Ben Sasse in Nebraska, going so far as to invite lobbyists over to their building to fund Shane Osborn’s campaign.

In Mississippi, the NRSC is on a witch hunt to tie Chris McDaniel’s campaign to some nut who overstepped the bounds of propriety. Now that McDaniel is ahead in most polls, the NRSC is attacking him savagely, the groups that support him, and relying on a handful of reporters who write negative stories about Cruz to write negative stories about McDaniel.


The goals Cruz supports are not supported by the NRSC. The candidates most likely to support Cruz are most likely to be opposed by the NRSC. There is no longer a justification for Cruz to be affiliated with the NRSC in a Vice Chairman’s position.

Frankly, if Cruz won’t go to Mississippi and endorse McDaniel, the least he could do for his own freaking side is publicly repudiate the NRSC.


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