The New York Times paid its editor, Jill Abramson, less than the prior editor. She raised the issue. A few weeks later she was fired.

Whether the two are connected or not is largely irrelevant at this point. The very same people who brought us the war on women are now tearing themselves apart like the “Moabites and Ammonites, and with them some of the Meunites” in the Valley of Beracah. There is a rich irony in this.


If you ever wanted to see just how self-absorbed the American media establishment is, look no further to their twitter feeds where the circle of jerks are breathlessly trading rumors over the story. To be fair, every industry does this. When a top dog in any industry is ousted, rumors, innuendo, and gossip rage on twitter and elsewhere. The singular difference is that when it happens in any other industry, the ousted person has probably contributed to the advancement of the country.

All the New York Times ever seems to do is try to tear it down, undermine it, and sow dissension between us and them. So while the circle of jerks would rather focus on Jill Abramson and a missing 777 instead of bothering to pursue stories about the Obama Administration, I am single handedly left to solve this problem for them.

Behold, my hashtag: #BringBackJillAbramson

Now that I’ve made it all right and the media can come out of its collective fetal position, the world has the DC-NYC corridor’s permission to carry on.


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