I Gave $100 to Thom Tillis's Campaign

Whether he wins his nomination or not, I won’t send even a penny to Tom Cotton in Arkansas unless he fires his campaign manager Justin Brasell. Brasell used Ben Sasse’s children in a television commercial to attack Ben Sasse. Then, after producing and placing the ads, Brasell quit his PAC that placed the ads. What a cowardly thing to do. You’d think a guy like Tom Cotton who touts his military career and values would object to that, but Tom Cotton is keeping Justin Brasell on the payroll. So I won’t give a penny to Cotton to subsidize Justin Brasell’s income, whether Cotton becomes the nominee or not (and he will be).


But I am sending money to Thom Tillis whose candidacy I opposed in the North Carolina Republican Primary. For conservatives, Thom Tillis was the worst possible outcome in North Carolina. Backed by Crossroads and the Chamber, Tillis will not back free markets and small government to the extent either of his other major competitors would.

But Tillis is massively better than Kay Hagan. Tillis would not vote for Obamacare in the Senate, unlike Kay Hagan.

Many conservatives are upset by the outcome in North Carolina. But politics is always about choosing between the lesser of two evils. Every one of us is a sinner. We all fall short of the glory of God. And we must sometimes in a democracy (“It’s a republic, dammit!” screams the crowd) choose between people we may not prefer. There are no perfect candidates. There will never be a perfect candidate.

You could choose to sit home and claim Tillis is no better than Hagan, but that’s just bitterness talking. Tillis is an improvement over Hagan and I say that as someone who opposed him in the primary.


I gave $100.00 to Thom Tillis’s campaign. We should all rally now to defeat Kay Hagan.



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