"Abortion Barbie" is Losing and May Be Corrupt

TX State Senator Wendy Davis About Texas Abortion Bill In Washington

If the only thing I accomplish during campaign 2014 is being credited with labeling Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie,” I will be happy. Defining her early as a single issue candidate outside the mainstream and doing so based on her own words, pink shoes, and hagiographic press clippings is paying dividends in Texas.


She is losing women voters to Greg Abbott. She is failing to make up ground with Hispanic voters in Texas. It turns out that swing voters do not care for a single issue candidate whose issue puts her outside the mainstream on the kid killing platform.

For all the positive press she’s gotten nationally, Davis started her campaign by making herself a hero through filibustering legislation a majority of Texans support. Then she brought in an outside team that pissed off the Texas press corp, hispanic voters, swing voters, and pretty much everybody else.

In fact, the Davis campaign has largely imploded, which is probably one reason she feels okay leaving the campaign trail now to have surgery.

While we should be praying for her in her surgery — it’s not a good surgery and she must be in considerable pain to have it — it will provide a good excuse for Davis when she loses. We all remember Rick Perry having similar surgery and his performance on the campaign trail afterwards. The surgery became an excuse to explain his campaign. The Democrats will, no doubt, follow suit with Davis.


If that’s all not enough, there is more to pile on Wendy Davis. Streiff noted this the other day. And it comes from the press — specifically the Dallas Morning News. Greg Abbot’s campaign has taken the press hit and turned it into an advertisement. Wendy Davis is not just “Abortion Barbie.” She’s also a crony capitalist, voting for legislation that benefited her law practice.

Being a one issue candidate whose issue is outside the mainstream doesn’t do much for a candidate. Being a one issue candidate who appears to be corrupt really seals the deal with voters. But thanks Democrats for pouring so much money and staff into Texas that you freed up the field elsewhere.


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