Will the National Republican Senatorial Committee Pledge to Support Chris McDaniel?

The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out an email this morning, as it usually does. One link attacked Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Several attacked Democrats around the country.


Thirteen links in the email attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel. McDaniel is challenging the incumbent Republican Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The email, following other tweets and hits from the NRSC, accuse McDaniel of being racist, a bigot, gaffe prone, etc.

McDaniel is neck and neck in the polling with Cochran. His candidacy has sent Haley Barbour & Company in to outright panic mode. Barbour has stopped letting murderers out of jail long enough to try to murder McDaniel’s campaign.

As more conservatives around the country pour into Mississippi to help McDaniel, it is time to ask if the NRSC will pledge to support McDaniel if he wins. More so, it is time to ask what specifically they will do to help McDaniel after they’ve painted him as a gaffe prone bigoted racist.

The NRSC claims it wants a conservative Senate majority. Are they really such whores they’ll turn on a dime to help the guy they’re eviscerating right now? Or will they gladly take the loss should McDaniel win, then claim if only conservatives hadn’t challenged them they’d have won?

My guess is the latter. My guess is the NRSC is laying mines right now to sabotage Republican challengers in November. They’d rather rule in hell than have a conservative Senate majority not of their making.


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