Steve Lonegan for Congress

In the U.S. Senate election between Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan, Lonegan won the 3rd congressional district. It is a Republican area and its demographics and redistricting have made it more so.


Lonegan won the 3rd, but lost the Senate race. Now he is running for the third congressional district. Again, he already won it. It makes sense to me that we support him. He has only just proven he can win it.

Lonegan has the New Jersey GOP establishment lining up against him. They have never been big fans of his. He’s an outspoken fiscal conservative. Truth be told, RedState sat on the sidelines mostly in his fight against Cory Booker because it seemed abundantly clear Booker would win no matter what we did.

In this race, it is not abundantly clear Lonegan will win. The GOP has put up a candidate against Lonegan to try to defeat him. In fact, Lonegan’s chief opponent has a history of getting into races to stop more conservative candidates.

Here’s the thing though — while is is not clear Lonegan will win, it is objectively clear he can win the third congressional district. We should absolutely support him. He has been a loyal soldier in the battle for smaller government.

It is time to get him to Congress. Steve Lonegan can win. But he is going to need our help.


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