Wendy Davis Will Cause the Democrats to Divert Resources to Georgia

Georgia is about to get the spoils of the train wreck that is the Wendy Davis campaign. Tuesday night, Democratic voters in Texas signaled they would be aborting Davis’s campaign in November.


In the Democratic Primary in Texas in 2014, Wendy Davis somehow managed to get fewer votes than any Democratic gubernatorial nominee since 1998. She got fewer votes than the Democrats’ nominee in 2002, 2006, and 2010.

Wendy Davis is the only Democratic nominee to lose any Rio Grande Valley counties in twenty years. She received fewer votes there than any Democrat in twenty years despite a 33.47% population growth in that area. Along the Texas-Mexico border, Davis was beaten pretty consistently by a primary opponent who spent no money. She lost counties Barack Obama had won.

For all the alleged growth of the Democratic Party in Texas and the inspiration that is the pink shoe clad kid killing proponent, Davis could not get the Democrats to turn out for her primary.

It was objectively a disaster. Top Democrats know it. Their plans to turn Texas blue by hiring a bunch of anti-ROTC yankee twenty-somethings is blowing up in their faces with allegations of intimidating Hispanic voters, ridiculing a man in a wheelchair, and more.

The reality is that Texas only had the gubernatorial race at stake. Even the tea party refused to mount a challenge against John Cornyn. Republicans were willing to stick with him and they will in November. Greg Abbott is a popular politician with a compelling story of his own and the proven ability to win statewide.


Texas was always a bridge too far for Democrats, though the national hype over Abortion Barbie clouded Democratic objectivity. Given the brutal reality of Davis’s continued cluster of a campaign, expect Georgia Democrats to benefit.

Georgia has both a gubernatorial race and a Senate race at stake. Republicans are deeply fearful that Nathan Deal, the incumbent Governor, is vulnerable. They were privately fretting before the snow storm a month ago and went into full palm sweats after the storm.

Republicans in D.C. also fear that Paul Broun could be the nominee. The Congressman has the base in the palm of his hand. They are rallying to him in larger numbers than the establishment predicted. He could very well make it into a runoff and cause the Republicans to spend more resources fighting him off. And, should he get the nomination, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been looking for a race in which it can cut off its nose to spite its face. They are desperate for the tea party to blow up, even if it costs the GOP the Senate — pride before victory for them.

The Democrats see Wendy Davis imploding. They see Georgia is demographically trending toward the Democrats. The Georgia Democratic Party is no more incompetent than the Texas Democratic Party. The Georgia GOP is less innovative and more status quo than the Texas GOP.


Just watch. The Democrats will begin shifting resources from Texas into Georgia. They have the possibility of picking up a Senate senate and a Governor’s Mansion. And if they lose? They’ve set the stage for 2016 when Georgia will have another Senate seat in play and the Presidency at stake.

Texas may be a bridge too far, but Georgia is a peach ripening for harvest. Georgia, I do not think, will slip into Democratic territory either.  But its Democrat rising stars have not yet been proven to be incompetent like Wendy Davis.  As for Davis, she can always go back to private life as an attorney and vacuum salesman for Planned Parenthood.


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