Governor Jan Brewer Should Sign the Religious Liberty Legislation

It is sad that we, in the 21st century, are at this point in the United States of America.

We should be willing to leave each other alone and have basic respect for one another. We should not wish to impose our views on others or force others to serve us against their will. Unfortunately, in the name of tolerance, a group of activists nationwide believes that if you do not worship at the altar of gay marriage, your business must be shut down — you must be punished. Sadly, they are also winning in court.


This necessitates legislatures passing religious liberty legislation to protect people of faith against the intolerant forces of tolerance. Such legislation has already passed Arizona’s legislature and I hope Arizona’s Governor will sign it into law.

Despite the left’s obfuscations, no one is claiming that Christians should be allowed to simply not serve gays. No one is claiming that or even arguing that. What we do claim is that a Christian butcher, baker, candle stick maker, florist, photographer, or priest should not be forced to provide goods or services to a gay wedding or risk losing their business on orders of the state.

That’s it.

Because there are gay rights activists in this country who will not allow conscientious objectors, religious liberty legislation has become necessary. The Arizona legislation, like that under consideration in a number of states, would allow Christians to opt out of serving a gay marriage.

You may disagree with their decision, but the government should not force them to do so. Practicing, sincere Christians believe in a doctrine of vocation — that they are to honor God in their work and glorify him through their service. Forcing them to provide goods and services forces them to violate their conscience.


We should, in the United States, be willing to leave each other alone, to go where we are wanted, and do business with those whom we please. But it is clear that is no longer possible. The forces of tolerance, in their intolerance of others’ world-views, intend to make the rest of us care.

Jan Brewer should sign the legislation and preserve the right of Christians, Muslims, and others of faith to opt-out of government forced coercion against their consciences.


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