Wendy Davis's Campaign Mocks Greg Abbott for Being Paralyzed

Wendy Davis’s campaign spin on her fundraising numbers is impressive. She wants you to know that she raised $12 million to Republican Greg Abbot’s $11.5 million. What she is hoping you will ignore, and which much of the press will ignore, is that Greg Abbott raised his $11.5 million in three months while Davis raised her $12 million in six months.


Update: This original press report states that Davis took 6 months and Abbott took 3 months. Upon further review, it appears Davis raised $8.7 in six months through two separate accounts and Abbott raised $12 million in one account, both during a six month period. Davis, as explained below, got to $12 million by adding a third group’s fundraising total to her own.

And this matters, and the media should focus on this, because Wendy Davis’s campaign is mocking Greg Abbott for being in a wheelchair. No, I am not kidding.

Wendy Davis can only claim she raised $12 million by including the fundraising totals of “her Senate account, gubernatorial account and a political action committee formed with Battleground Texas that’s dedicated to her election. Battleground Texas was formed to help Texas Democrats, who have not won a statewide election in 20 years.”

It is very important for the media to note that Davis is including Battleground Texas as her money. Back in October, Battleground Texas mocked Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for being paralyzed and in a wheelchair.


At the time, Wendy Davis’s campaign said that they could not be held responsible for Battleground Texas, because they were separate entities. Today, Wendy Davis wants to claim Battleground Texas’s campaign cash as her own to hype herself. She can’t have it both ways. If Wendy Davis is going to join herself at the hip with Battleground Texas, she’s going to have to own Battleground Texas’s foot in mouth disease too.

But it’s okay. She hasn’t been a candidate for nine months, so she could still abort the endeavor based on her own public positions.


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