Rep. Peter King of New York Supported a Soviet Backed Terrorist Group

Rep. Peter King lashed out at Senator Rand Paul today over Sen. Paul’s position on the National Security Agency.In a bit of hysteria, he questioned Senator Paul’s patriotism and loyalty to the United States. This is pretty rich considering Rep. Peter King, during the Cold War, supported a Soviet backed terrorist group responsible for killing many. King, ardently supported the Irish Republican Army. The intelligence agencies Peter King is now falling all over himself to support, knew the IRA was a terrorist group. The organization tried to assassinate Margaret Thatcher. They killed a number of people close to her. They killed members of the British Royal Family. And they killed many Irishmen. But Peter King stood by ignoring the blood on his own hands.The IRA also had Stalin’s blessing and during the Cold War collaborated with the Soviets against American and British interests.And Peter King stood by them.



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