Wait…Didn't Republicans Beat Up Conservatives For That?

During the fight over defunding Obamacare, Congressional Republicans claimed that Heritage Action for America, the Senate Conservatives Fund, RedState, and others were raising money off the defund fight and knew it would never work.


In effect, they and their friends in the lobbyist community claimed conservatives were stirring up the base for the sole purpose of raising money.

Now, in Congress, Republicans are considering Fred Upton’s legislation claiming it is a backdoor way to end Obamacare. Further, they are also saying that it (1) is messaging, (2) won’t actually pass, and (3) really has no power to do what it claims.

They say all these things. And yet — here is an email I just got:

For the past three years Obama and the Democrats in Congress have consciously and repeatedly misled the American people.

They promised that ObamaCare would make healthcare more affordable and if they liked their current plan, they could keep it.

The truth is millions of Americans are losing their existing health insurance, or have seen their premiums skyrocket because of ObamaCare.

House Republicans aren’t sitting back and letting this happen.

On Friday, the House will take action on the Keep Your Health Plan Act.

It’s simple. It’s about 4 sentences and it does what it says it will – unlike the 3,000 page ObamaCare law.

Only the Republicans in Congress are going to hold the President responsible for this and go after the liberal Democrats who gave us this train wreck of a law.

Erick, contribute $50, $25 or $15 so we can put a stop to Obama and kick out the Democrats in Congress who gave us ObamaCare.



Rep. Greg Walden
NRCC Chairman (R-OR)


Um . . .


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