I Support Tommy Moll for Congress

In Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District, there is only one candidate conservatives can support with a clear conscience. That would be Tommy Moll.Tommy Moll has a degree from William & Mary, a law degree from Columbia, and co-founded Law Students for Life. He’s worked hard in the pro-life movement and the greater conservative movement.To be honest though, the race in Arkansas’s 4th is more about Tommy’s opponent than Tommy. He’s running against Bruce Westerman.Westerman is the Majority Leader in the Arkansas State House. He also led the fight to expand Obamacare in Arkansas. Only when he realized expanding Obamacare would be a political liability did he pull a sleight of hand and try to walk it back. But his stunt was well documented.


“First, Majority Leader Rep. Bruce Westerman went from a co-sponsor of the bill to an opponent and did so in a pretty high-profile flip flop. He took to the committee table to speak in favor of an amendment removing his name – a parliamentary maneuver that could have easily been done without the fanfare.”

RedState has well documented Westerman’s stunt, in which he collaborated with Democrats to expand Obamacare with the cover of a different entitlement. (See here too.)Westerman’s proposal helped pave the way for the Obamacare expansion as noted by Arkansas Lt. Governor Mark Darr.

Westerman had initially been a sponsor of legislation allowing Arkansas to use Medicaid dollars to purchase private insurance for thousands of low income workers. Westerman later pulled his name from the “private option” legislation, touted as an alternative to expanding Medicaid’s enrollment, and voted against the bill after floating the possibility of pushing a competing proposal.Darr said the state wouldn’t have had the private option without Westerman initially working on the legislation. Darr said he would have voted against the bill in the Legislature but probably would have signed it into law if he were governor, given the supermajority support it received.”I just think that one he did the research for it, he helped write the bill and at the last hour he pulled out and said I’ve got something else,” Darr said. “To me, that’s a CYA bill. It just covers your own rear and says this is my own.”


Tommy Moll has spent his time in the conservative movement fighting for the right things. Bruce Westerman has spent his time in the Arkansas State Legislature fighting for the politically convenient things.When so much is on the line, these things matter. Tommy Moll’s election to Congress matters. I’m glad to support him and I hope you will too.


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