PURITY! They Were Never Part of the Coalition Anyway

Jimmy LaSalvia of or formerly of GOProud is on Facebook letting everyone know Ken Cuccinelli is the 2013 equivalent of David Duke. Because two dudes not being able to buy a china pattern together is the same as not being able to vote, being forced to use separate bathrooms, and being attacked by fire hoses and dogs in the streets.His GOProud partner, Chris Barron went on twitter to declare he voted in Virginia for the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe.When conservatives decide to primary Republicans, we are often attacked as being purists. Look at the present NRSC attacks on the Senate Conservatives Fund. But conservatives will rally to the Republican in the general election. RedState’s rule has always been to back the conservative in the primary and the Republican in General.The founders of GOProud are not a meaningful part of the coalition, however. When I have pointed out before that GOProud really isn’t a part of the Republican coalition, I was met with calls of homophobia.But they have never been a part of the coalition.It is worth reminding their supporters within the GOP that the reason they were refused a sponsorship opportunity at CPAC was not because of bigotry, but because they’ve never shown themselves to march shoulder to shoulder for the conservative movement. They only attach as bigots and homophobes those who who think the state shouldn’t be altering the definition of an institution the state did not create.It’s worth remembering that today the founders of GOProud equate a small government conservative to a Grand Dragon of the KKK because his Christian faith is, in their mind, equivalent to the Klan.It’s also worth pointing out that folks affiliated with this group have routinely assailed conservatives for their purity tests — conservatives who routinely vote in the general election for the Republican; an action they themselves won’t do.



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