In Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce Fires Shots Against the Tea Party

I have not really paid attention to the race between Bradley Byrne and Dean Young in Alabama’s first congressional district. But it suddenly flew onto my radar yesterday with news that the Chamber of Commerce is using it as its first base of operations to repel the tea party. The only polling I’ve seen has Young slightly ahead but I am not sure about the quality of polling and my gut tells me that Byrne, an experienced politician, is ahead. He’s got the money and name ID to be ahead.In any event, the Chamber of Commerce is spending $185,000.00 at the end to help Bradley Byrne. They want credit for repudiating the Tea Party even in Alabama. The NBC poll that just came out shows 30% of Americans would vote for a third party over 28% for the GOP. A lot of that angst is conservatives ready to bolt. Before they bolt, they’re going to fight it out in primaries. It looks like, whether tea party activists want to or not, this race in Alabama is where they’ll meet their first organized resistance by the establishment.The election is Tuesday.



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