I Absolutely Support Chris McDaniel Over Thad Cochran [updated]

He didn’t say “God d*mn America” or accuse the CIA of giving AIDS to black men. That’d be the President’s preacher.He didn’t plan to blow up cops. That’d be the President’s friend Bill Ayers.He didn’t even attend a Klan rally. That’d be the left’s patron saint, Margaret Sanger.He didn’t show up in black face either.Chris McDaniel is running for the United States Senate in Mississippi challenging appropriator Thad Cochran in the Republican primary.The left and a good many conservatives are buzzing today because McDaniel spoke at a Sons of Confederate Veterans event near Laurel, MS. The shocking news in Mississippi would be if a Mississippi politician did not speak at an SCV event. News will trickle out shortly about Thad Cochran attending these and other sorts of events. UPDATED:State Senator McDaniel’s campaign confirms to me that he was not actually at this event. He was in Chicago. He was invited to attend, but could not attend. He did, however, speak once at a Jackson, MS event held by the SCV. Separately, a friend of mine googled around and discovered Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, Senator Thad Cochran, and former Senator Trent Lott have all been members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.Allow me to explain what is happening. Republican Establishment groups are using left-wing outlets to trash conservatives. They want to set up early that the conservative candidates are all the second coming of Todd Akin.The left gave Barack Obama a pass on Jeremiah Wright. They’ve given Bill Ayers a pass. They worship at the altar of Planned Parenthood wherein their chief sacrament, abortion, was encouraged to rid the world of black children by Margaret Sanger.They’re cool with all of that. They know conservatives have a tendency to toss their own at the slightest hint of controversy. They want to make conservative candidates as radioactive as possible and I have no doubt, should a guy like McDaniel win the primary, the NRSC and others will do everything possible to blow him up and blame conservatives. The GOP Establishment is not so much interested in winning in 2014 as they are interested in destroying conservatives before 2016.Chris McDaniel is a solid conservative, a good guy, and I am absolutely sticking with him despite the NRSC, Crossroads, or another establishment group trying to paint him as a racist when he is not. This was an SCV event in Mississippi. He spoke to it. That’s it.Meanwhile, the left will give a pass to Barack Obama for being a member of Rev. Wright’s church.I am donating to Chris McDaniel’s campaign and I hope you will too. If we don’t stand up to the GOP Establishment, we’ll see the Republican Party cave and cave again in the constant battle against socialism.



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