Time to Move Beyond Bob Barr in Georgia's 11th

Bob Barr

Bob Barr is a former Republican congressman from Georgia. After a redistricting battle in the early 2000’s, Barr lost his seat. He left Congress, became a critic of the Patriot Act, and by 2006 had become a libertarian.


In 2008, Bob Barr was the Libertarian Presidential nominee. He received 0.4% of the national vote.

Between his break with the Bush Administration on the Patriot Act and his run as the Libertarian Presidential nominee, Bob Barr has attracted a growing following of liberty minded individuals. Now he is running for Congress again in Georgia’s 11th congressional district.

It is a very Republican seat being vacated by Congressman Phil Gingrey, who is running for the Senate.

I know Bob Barr. I like Bob Barr. But I think there’s something a bit sad about his campaign. It’s like, for the few of you who saw the movie, Tolian Soran trying to get back into the Nexus. He was removed from the Nexus by the voters in 2002 and has been working to get back in ever since. At least he isn’t trying to blow up the sun to move an energy ribbon over us.

But it’s time to move on.

There are some other good candidates running. My personal preference would be Barry Loudermilk, just because I think he’d be the one most likely to stand athwart the GOP yelling stop, but Ed Lindsey and Tricia Pridemore aren’t bad candidates either.


Then there is Bob Barr’s behavior — which is just too much like so many in Congress these days. He’s been a vocal critic of Eric Holder and the Justice Department, including its Fast & Furious operation. But after losing his Presidential bid, Bob Barr supported Eric Holder’s nomination for Attorney General. Did he not know what Eric Holder would be like?

In the House, Bob Barr wasn’t great on entitlements the last time, including supporting the Medicare Part D expansion. He was also a protectionist in Congress, altering his position for the Libertarian nomination in 2008.

Bob Barr’s a nice guy. But he just wants it too badly — badly enough to suddenly find some of his positions flexible and badly enough to reach across the aisle to support guys like Eric Holder.

I think it’s time to move on to fresher, newer faces in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District.


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