Team McAuliffe Compares Ken Cuccinelli to George Wallace

Outraged over an entrepreneurial business PAC endorsing Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe’s campaign trotted out Virginia Senate Minority Leader to compare Ken Cuccinelli to former Governor of Alabama and racist Democrat George Wallace.


“For them to endorse a guy with his views, a supposedly enlightened group of people — ­science-oriented — would have been the same as in the 1960s, the NAACP supporting George Wallace,” Saslaw said.

This is quite relevant today because the McAuliffe campaign is in full outrage mode over some idiot who supports Ken Cuccinelli telling an anti-Semitic joke.The man, John Whitbeck, is not an elected official. Richard Seslaw is. And if Cuccinelli must own every comment made by every idiot who supports him, shouldn’t Terry McAuliffe own every comment by every idiot who supports him?


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