National Republican Senatorial Committee Attacks Mitch McConnell as a Liberal

Mitch McConnell


Today the National Republican Senatorial Conference — the organization that elects Republicans to the Senate — is attacking Mitch McConnell.

They are calling him a liberal for voting to raise the debt ceiling in 2011 and bailing out Wall Street. They put up a web ad here.


Well, actually, what they did is attack Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat in Arkansas. But they’re attacking Pryor for casting the same votes the same way that Mitch McConnell did.

This is another reason McConnell is such a liability for the GOP in the 2014 election cycle. His votes have given Mark Pryor cover. No one can take seriously attacks on Mark Pryor when the Senate Republican Leader cast the same votes.

It’d be awesome if Matt Bevin used the NRSC ad in a commercial against Mitch McConnell. He should.


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