Alliance Defending Freedom

Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center are in a full on attack against the Alliance Defending Freedom.It may be only a matter of time before some nut with a gun shows up to kill the Christians there, just like that guy tried to do at the Family Research Council. That guy was inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center.The Alliance Defending Freedom needs your help. They are on the front lines fighting back against leftwing groups trying to force the religious into submitting to secular hedonism. I have donated. You need to donate too. The Alliance Defending Freedom needs the money to continue the Elane Photography case to the Supreme Court and keep up the fight around the country. But as the left zeros in on them, as we have seen with the FRC, their very lives could be in jeopardy.Just look at Floyd Lee Corkins’ attempted mass murder at the Family Research Council.We need to pray for them, but we need to give them money too. I have. Will you?



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